Vielo Sports

With over 32 years experience in sales marketing and distribution in the UK in the bicycle and sporting goods trade, Vielo Sports have an established brand building history.

Ian set up and ran Scott Sports subsidiary for 15 years from 1995 to 2010. The UK subsidiary was turning over £24M and was the most profitable subsidiary in Scott Sports group.

Vielo Sports (Formerly known as Storck Raddar UK LTD) was formed in 2011 and started to Distribute Storck bikes in the high-end sector of the UK market. In just 4 years Vielo became Storck’s largest global customer and led the brand through global marketing generated by ourselves. Vielo finished trading with Storck in February 2017

June 2016 Vielo Sports secured UK distribution of Lightweight wheels in the UK and have been focusing on positioning the brand in the hearts and minds of UK consumers.

V+1 Race Edition

Our ultimate, cleanest gravel ride.

Wireless, pink, and built with the best of the best components.


Choose a better road.

R+1 is designed with 1x at its core. The result? 30% more lateral stiffness to beef up power transfer to your rear wheel. Single-minded design. Seamless detailing. A road bike and then some.


On road. Off road.Your way

From in-house design to 1X gravel racer the V+1 knows no limits. Blistering on-road performance. Sure-footed off-road adventure. Ride where you want and relish every mile.


Vielo’s V+1 Gen 2 Gravel bike enters a new chapter by joining forces with David Millar’s CHPT3 clothing brand. 50 unique, limited edition CHPT3+Vielo V+1 bikes bring the best of two worlds to riding gravel.


None of the hassle. All of the gears

2x the complexity? No thanks. 1x is better. Really. With a vast range of gear ratios at your fingertips (comparable to 2x gearing), you’ll ease up climbs and power along straights. With less weight and fewer mechanical issues to boot, 1x is the one.