A first in the market, it’s the unique wall-mount that doubles as a reliable lock, to store and secure the bicycle at home, in the office, in the garage and even outdoors (it’s made of AISI-304 stainless steel, it doesn’t rust).

You can choose between two models: Kryon S, the standard edition and Kryon Pro, the most advanced version provided with customizable features.


Reinventing the bike rack, VERTIK is the most innovative and spectacular solution to showcase the bike indoor. Our iconic handlebar-shaped logo turns into a stunning floor lamp that celebrates the beauty of the frame. More than that, the stylish rack displays the bicycle upright, with a relevant space-saving benefit. A radical innovation.

The range includes several models, depending on the finish. VERTIK Space Silver, a sleek shade of metallic grey. VERTIK Matte Black, a graphic hue lit by a subtle glittering. VERTIK Satin Bronze, an eye-catching mineral tone.



A radically different take of the cyclist’s butler concept, NEOS is a showpiece with a compelling retro-futuristic design, inspired by Pop Art. A stunning piece of furniture, that stores the bike and the gear. You can choose among several models.

NEOS MONO is available in glossy black or ivory white and the leather accessories match the stand’s color. NEOS COMBO can be customized by choosing the leather kit’s color among black, white, red or yellow. NEOS MATT, available in black only, shows a cutting-edge finish that adds an inviting soft-touch appeal. NEOS GIRO102 is dedicated to Giro d’Italia 2019; it wears a bespoke graphic inspired by the maglia rosa hue. NEOS 3Tis the special combo edition designed with the prestigious Italian brand: the cycling station comes with the Strada Stealth Team, both reinterpreted by a unique artwork.


Much more than a stand, this disruptive piece of furniture is a unique and efficient cyclist’s butler. Slender but spacious, this cycling station welcomes the rider home and stores the bicycle and the gear, keeping all ready for the next ride.

The range includes several models, depending on the wood veneers. ORIGO C in natural maple, ORIGO B in black oak, ORIGO X in dark brown oak, and ORIGO W made of precious Canaletto walnut. ORIGO VOX is the outrageous version that doubles as a high-quality stereo system and wireless charging station.


DOMUS is a new take on the bookshelf concept: it’s an outrageously spectacular stage that celebrates your bicycle, without compromising on functionality. Thanks to its essential design, this smart organiser, supported by a durable solid wood frame, beautifully blends into the most sophisticated surroundings. And it’s got a surprising climax detail: the clothes rack – shaped as a handlebar – is a LED lamp, that you can switch on and off and dimmer with a touch sensor. And when evening comes, it casts an evocative light on your beautiful bike.

DOMUS has a modular structure. In the lower compartments, equipped with one spacious oakwood drawer, you can organize everything you need to go cycling, whether it is an urban ride or an Mtb trip. And if you need more storage space, you can add one or two big drawers, or several partitions and small drawers(the pictures of the last two items are not online yet, if you are interested please contact us).