T-Lab started off by Tony Giannascoli in making better bikes out of metal.

He did things differently by combining aerospace-derived methods with the attention-to-detail he inherited from his Italian ancestors.

Thousands upon thousands of world-class frames later, he embarked on a new Mission :
To take the everlasting ride quality of titanium and take it to the next level of performance.

The engineering and design team was pushed at all levels to create the uniquely shaped Ti bike frames that produce composite-inspired performance characteristics while being perfectly stunning while riding.

T-Lab Frames are meticulously engineered, Manufactured and finished at Montreal, Quebec where they only choose to make a limited number of bikes as they believe in focus is the precursor to higher quality and performance. Constructed from Grade 9 titanium (3Al-2.5V), this unique and beautiful bike utilizes a proprietary forming technology that not only creates frame tubes unlike anything else on the market but also optimizes stiffness-to-weight ratios, sans extra weight.