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The Energy Gel That Runs Without Water



The history of SQUEEZY started in 1987 with the development of the first ever energy gel worldwide. Today, the brand is synonymous with producing sports nutrition with an ambitious philosophy: the constant development of simply effective and varied sports nutrition that is easy on the stomach no matter if your sport is running, cycling, triathlon or team sports – simply Made in Germany.

If you have already tested a lot of energy gels and you are still searching for gel alternatives, we can provide an additional possibility of carbohydrate supply. Besides our traditional SQUEEZY GEL assortment we have a few products in store that differ in usage and texture.

SQUEEZY ENERGY FRUIT GUM is the first fruit gum for athletes worldwide based on maltodextrin. It already provides energy during chewing. For all athletes looking for an energy gel that could be used without water we offer the SQUEEZY DRINK GEL. This special energy gel contains a higher percentage of water so that an additional intake of water after the consumption is not necessary.

The range of SQUEEZY BARS complete our product offering as they provide athletes with a tasty snack full of energy. Especially during a long event an Energy Bar can be a welcome alternative to Energy Gels and Energy Drinks.

We offer three different carbohydrate Energy Bars among the SQUEEZY BARS assortement. These bars can be eaten before as well as during exercise. The SQUEEZY RECOVERY BAR provides important proteins as well as carbohydrates and is suitable for the regeneration after training or competition.

SQUEEZY stands for high quality and innovative products that primarily meet the needs and desires of athletes first according to their training and tournament requirements. Therefore, the idea emerged to develop a bar which corresponds to actual requirements of athletes to the origin and collection of the ingredients.

The SQUEEZY ENERGY ORGANIC BAR pineapple/almond is the first bar in this new organic range. All ingredients are 100% originally grown. The bar is free of additives and gluten.

Our SQUEEZY SPORTS DRINKS are suitable for all phases of sports and provide carbohydrates as maltodextrin or isomaltulose and glucose or fructose. Furthermore, they contain minerals as sodium, potassium and magnesium. The drinks are very refreshing due the flavours as lemon, grapefruit and orange and even at hot conditions the drinks do not taste very sweet.

More recent studies show that carboloading before a competition is very efficient and useful. For the phase of carboloading before training or competition we offer the SQUEEZY CARBO LOAD DRINK – this drink has a high percentage of carbohydrates, thus the drink is ideal to refill the glycogen reservoirs.

The optimal regeneration includes the supply of proteins, carbohydrates as well as minerals. According to these requirements we offer the SQUEEZY PROTEIN ENERGY DRINK with proteins from three sources as well as minerals and carbohydrates.