Case: Scicon Aerotech hard case

Rental Rates: SGD25/Day

Case: BikeBoxAlan Triathlon Aero Easyfit

Rental Rates: SGD50/Day

Rental Terms and Conditions:

Customer is responsible for damage to equipment due to abuse, misuse or negligence. Customer agrees to pay the charges to repair equipment so damaged, and incurred shipping charges. Equipment shall be returned to Bikes n Bites Pte Ltd in good condition and repair, wear from reasonable and proper use excepted. Upon return, the customer must certify that the equipment is free from contamination. Customer is responsible for loss or damage to equipment from theft, mysterious disappearance, fire or any other cause. In accepting liability for the safekeeping of all rented equipment, Customer agrees to pay Bikes n Bites Pte Ltd the replacement cost (as determined by manufacturer's current list price) of any such equipment which Customer is for any reason unable to return to Bikes n Bites Pte Ltd at the end of the rental period. Rental charges will continue beyond the specified return term, at the daily rental charge, until equipment is returned to Bikes n Bites Pte Ltd, or customer reimburses Bikes n Bites Pte Ltd for the replacement cost of the equipment.

IMPORTANT: Please check that the case is free of damage after collecting and leaving from the airport, for example.