UCB Speedcage Full Ceramic Alloy Pulley Cage 9100/8000 12/16T Shimano

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UCB Speedcage Full Ceramic Alloy Pulley Cage 9100/8000 12/16T Shimano

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Want to save 25 watts at 50kph?

Yes, you can. I’ve done it, and I’ve proof.

What did I use? Simply, Ultimate Ceramic Bearing’s (UCB) Speedcage.

he UCB Speedcage (Supertec Hybrid, the base level model which I bought) seems to have saved me 25 watts to hit roughly the same top speeds of 52.8 and 52.9kph between two rides.

Take a look at this screenshot of my Garmin Connect data below:

Before and after installing UCB Speedcage. Take a look at the speed and power differences, and also heart rate.

Before and after installing UCB Speedcage. Take a look at the speed and power differences, and also max heart rate. You’ll see that even though Max HR and Max Speed is almost the same, the Max Power is very different.

It could also be together with the combination of the better fitting Suplest shoes…

Anyway, to hit 52.8kph took about 734 watts for the “Flintstones” ride . Max avg power (20 min) is 113 watts. Avg speed is 26kph.

In the earlier “Under Pressure” ride, before using Speedcage it took me about 759 watts to hit 52.9kph. Max avg power (20 min) is 134 watts. Avg speed is 25.8kphLong story short,

I know many cyclists who spend $200-300 on aero helmets that save 5 watts at 50kph.

Why not just get a Speedcage that could probably save you 25 watts at 50kph?

Granted, my test is done not under a controlled lab environment. But both rides were done on the same route, with the faster one done during a much hotter mid-afternoon. I’d like to think that I actually perform better when it’s not so hot…

But yes, if you’re hunting to prevent power loss and save watts, look at the UCB Speedcage. Before you install them, do a ride or two on your usual route, and then compare the difference after that. I think you’ll be very pleased.

What I’ve noticed immediately after installing Speedcage was that:

  • Pushing off from zero didn’t need as much effort.
  • After getting used to needing to use less effort to cruise (felt too easy in my usual gear)… I found myself using one gear harder after a week for my usual cruise speed.

Technically… my 11 speed drivetrain sort of becomes “12 speed”, eh?

Again, if you’re looking to save watts or prevent power loss, have a look at the UCB Speedcage, and get one yourself today!

Model Spec:: ZERO 2018

Cage Plates: A7075 2mm, sand blast finish

Pulleys: A7075 cnc cut SHIMANO BLACK hard anodized, ultilising a 12T upper and 16T lower pulley, BLACK bearing caps

Hardware: BLACK Alloy 7075 bolts (pulley),SHIMANO BLACK attachment, alloy Nut

Auxilium PRO Full Ceramic Bearings: Full ceramic Performance ceramic, Zirconia Races, (c0), ,run dry, Si3N4 ceramic balls (G5 grade),

Weight: from 49grams


UCB bring you our redesigned 2018 SPEEDCAGE® ZERO for SHIMANO DuraAce 9100/9150 and SHIMANO Ultegra mechs 8000 SERIES

Cnc alloy 7075T cages, with cnc alloy jockey wheels and UCB’s full ceramic Auxilium bearings installed. 12T top pulley, and 16T lower, enhance the chain flow through the rear mech, and with less chain friction due to reduced chain angle run over the pulleys.

We rely on 7075T Alloy cages, for a precision fit, stiff shifts, and great looks.the cage parts are easily removed and separate, for any replacement repairs

Coupled with our legendary choice of, ceramic bearings give the mech new life!. Easy install, with two allen keys, the cage has 4 tension spring positions to tune the chain tension to perfection. Crisp stiff shifting on all systems(Shimano 10/11 speed) with a sram option to follow soon.

We can retrofit this to your own mech if needed, be return postage.

Max lower sprocket 32T


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