UCB BB PF30 BBright Nano Tech Ceramic For Shimano or SRAM

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UCB BB PF30 BBright Nano Tech Ceramic for Shimano or SRAM

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Our Newest Self Lubricating, Self Healing bearings, the fastest most reliable bearings we have ever produced. Nano substrate treated races (whole bearing), giving the fastest bearings,compare to any on the market, that is our challenge!

  • Bearing Races choice Auxilium Nano surface-treated s440c cryogenically hardened stainless races
  • Bearing Sealing Silicon based rubber Non contact
  • Rolling Elements Silicon Nitride Si3N4 Grade 5 balls
  • Weight 88 GRAMS
  • Cup Material Delrin Machined
  • Product material Delrin Cnc Machined
  • Fits Shell PressFit 30
  • Cup size 68/73MM X 46MM PRESSFIT30 and BBRIGHT
  • Compatibility SRAM 30MM AXLE


Cnc delrin cupset

Auxilium Nano Tech Ceramic bearings (substrate nano technology lubricating of the whole bearing race) which fuses the lubricant into the material substrate of the bearing races.

We run genuine Saint-Gobain european Grade 5 ceramic balls

Fully interchangeable with all SRAM 30mm axle, and OTHER 30mm axle compatible cranksets


Highest level of optimal cnc machining

Minute tolerance fit and run out

Full cnc aperture machining for precise bearing fit

Unrivaled Frictionless Substrate treated super fast bearings

2 year Warranty on bearings and cups* conditions apply*


Two-year limited 
(Original owner,and manufacturing defects only.) 

UCB Auxilium is here:

Newest SELF LUBRICATING, SELF HEALING bearings, the fastest most reliable bearings we have ever produced.

Nano susbstrate coated races (whole bearing), giving the fastest bearings,compare to any on the market, that is our challenge! At 88 grams complete, cnc delrin cupset in black. Fully interchangeable with all Sram, and FSA 30mm axle compatible cranksets Auxilium is here!

We looked closely at what the rider wants from a performance product, we worked closely with some top flight athletes both on the road and track to test our products, to ensure they surpass even our exacting standards.

After numerous rigourous hours of testing in enviroments that even the die hard rider would find difficult to re produce, we have finally made the bearings that are future proof.Nano substrate treated races (which is not merely coated) but is actually a nano lubricating treatment that,fuses the lubricant into the material substrate, and becomes a frictionless integral surface of the bearing races.

When complete, the changes the surface of the bearing races, makes the super slippery frictionless surface an integral part of the bearing material.

AUXILIUM Nano Tech is the pinnacle bearing in the world of cycling, all our know how and experience, athletes’ feedback, and enviroment test results, bring the bearing that is the Ultimate in performance, relaibilty, and economically priced.

Coeffient  of 0.08 on the rolling element surface, even when dry, and with two drops of some of our magical lube, give it another asistance of 0.02.Compare this with a good greased bearing with non contact seal witha friction coeffiency of 0.16 or more. and you see why we have few comparions.

We still use our ceramic knowledge to produce the roundest spheres, and we give the bearing races a substrate treatment that is guaranteed…meaning, it can run in water, without fear of corrosion, it will run dry, for maximum performance, and is self lubricating and self healing. Our bearing surfaces will keep the bearing running longer.

We have it now, no one else refines performance bearings the way we do.We are proud to say that our bearings are being used at the London Olympic games by riders on the road, in the TT and in numerous invents in the velodrome. Chosen specifically for their performance gains, in events that are a once in a lifetime opportunity for acheivement.

Good luck all.



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