Solestar Kontrol

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Power to the Pedal

When SOLESTAR KONTROL is in your shoe, you immediately notice the increased stability and comfort. The load-stable glass fiber core gives you a strong foothold and the necessary support. With SOLESTAR KONTROL your foot, shoe, and pedal become one.

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Light yet load-stable glass fiber core
Developed for high level cyclists
Improved force transmission and comfort
SOLESTAR Satisfaction Guarantee:
100% satisfied or 6 Weeks Money-Back!

Made 100% in Germany

The Choice Of The Pros

No other insole brand comes close to the acceptance of SOLESTAR among pro cyclists. The number of riders using SOLESTAR is long and continues to grow. Considering that we never give any pro rider any other support than our insoles, we believe this is quite a statement.

André Greipel, 3 times German Road Champion, Winner of 11 stages at the TdFWout Van Aert, Three times Cross World ChampionMatteo Trentin, winner of many stages at TdF, Giro and Vuelta, Winner Milan San Remo

Pictures: André Greipel, Wout Van Aert, Matteo Trentin.

Unique Concept, Developed And Manufactured 100% In Germany
Patented SOLESTAR Principle

Why SOLESTAR insoles differ so much from all other insoles is due to the unique and patented concept behind the insole and the high level of material and production quality.

While most conventional insoles consist of soft material only to bed the foot, SOLESTAR insoles guide your foot into the biomechanically best position for cycling. The light yet load-stable fiber core makes sure, they stay that way.

The high quality of material also makes the insoles last much longer than any conventional insole.


Finding The Right Size Of Kontrol Road Or Blk For Your Cycling Shoe

When ordering via the online shop, please select your actual shoe size and brand. The online shop will automatically select which size is correct for you. The following list helps you find the right size of SOLESTAR for your cycling shoe. If for example you have a Northwave 43 you should pick a size 44 for Kontrol.

BontChoose half/one size smaller than your shoe size One size smaller for full size (e.g. 40 > 39). Half a size smaller for half sizes (e.g. 40,5 > 40).
BontragerChoose identical to your shoe size
DiadoraChoose identical to your shoe size
DMTChoose identical to your shoe size
Five TenChoose identical to your shoe size
FizikChoose one size bigger than your shoe size
FoxChoose identical to your shoe size
GaerneChoose identical to your shoe size
GiroChoose identical to your shoe size
LakeChoose identical to your shoe size
Louis GarneauChoose identical to your shoe size
MavicChoose identical to your shoe size1/3-sizes are rounded down, 2/3-sizes are rounded up
Mavic Freeride/AllmountainChoose one size bigger than your shoe size1/3-sizes are rounded down, 2/3-sizes are rounded up
NorthwaveChoose one size bigger than your shoe size
O’NealChoose identical to your shoe size
Pearl IzumiChoose identical to your shoe size
RaphaChoose one size bigger than your shoe size
ScottChoose one size bigger than your shoe size
Scott Freeride/AllmountainChoose identical to your shoe size
ShimanoChoose one size bigger than your shoe size
Shimano Freeride/AllmountainChoose identical to your shoe size
SIDIChoose one size smaller than your shoe sizeFor models Draco, Mega, Shot and Wire choose identical to your shoe size!
SpecializedChoose identical to your shoe sizeS-Works 6, S-Works 7 and Torch choose one size bigger!
Spiukone size bigger up to size 39
identical for size 40, 41
one size smaller 
as of size 42
SuplestChoose identical to your shoe size
VaudeChoose one size bigger than your shoe size
VittoriaChoose identical to your shoe size Velar choose one size bigger!

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36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49


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