Q36.5 Tri Jersey Shortsleeve Titanium

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The high-performance minimalism of the L1 Jersey with a pinstripe of real silver thread.

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Q36.5 Tri Jersey Shortsleeve Titanium

The high-performance minimalism of the L1 Jersey with a pinstripe of real silver thread.

The jersey’s construction is itself a piece of advanced sartorial engineering, employing a new jersey pattern and kimono-esque sleeve design which minimizes the use of seams (none frontal facing for increased aerodynamics) and an ergonomic ‘pre-shaped’ fit (note the way the jersey ‘falls’ into a riding position even when unworn, on a hanger), which is snug without being constrictive, thanks to the fabric’s elasticity. The minimal look of the jersey is accentuated by the entirely new Q36.5 proprietary invisible pocket system, which replaces the traditional 3-pocket patch found on all other jerseys.

Why the silver thread?

The introduction of the silver thread may be understood as a further ne-tuning of the fabric’s original raison d’être in which the extraordinary natural properties of this material are carefully exploited in a performance-wear context. When activity becomes intense and the body emits an excess of heat and moisture with must be dealt with through conduction, evaporation and convection, the fabric instead benefits from silver’s high thermal conductivity (the greatest of any element present on earth: the silver). Thermal conductivity refers to silver’s ability to distribute heat quickly and evenly across its surface (like the silver spoon in a cup of hot tea, accelerating conduction of the body’s heat to the surface from which it can evaporate. Evaporation itself is then accelerated by silver’s high level of conduction in a humid environment. The anti-static dissipative effects of silver also improve micro-circulation and its anti-bacterial qualities ensure better hygiene and less perspiration odours.

To conclude: the addition of the silver thread is visible, it is precious and it enhances the original performance characteristic of the L1 fabric. Perhaps only an extremely sensitive rider will be able to “feel the difference” but this subtly visible thread is an authentic symbol of Q36.5’s dedication to present extreme vision of future of cycling clothing.

High UV protection +50SPF

3mm camlock reflex zips throughout.

Technical Specifications

79% Polyester
19% Elastane
2% Silver

110 g

Body Temperature Stability Guarantee = Above 26°C

Made in Italy

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