Bowman Pilgrims Disc Frameset Only

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We designed the Pilgrims Disc to be an inspiration to ride, that philosophy took it to second place in “Frameset of the Year” 2019. These ideas continue on to its precocious younger sibling: the all new Weald.

Taking all the best bits of the Pilgrims Disc, and updating the tubeset offers more comfort, larger tyre clearance, improved cable routing and a further nod of the cap towards a road-focussed, mile munching pedigree.

The Weald is a perfect update, whether taking you away on adventures off your local map, smashing your well-known lanes or exploring those lesser used routes – with its room for larger rubber than your everyday road bike – you no longer have to ask yourself ‘where does that go?”.

Just explore and turn wonder into wander.

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All Bowman frames use a threaded bottom bracket. Super easy to fit at home with a single tool, they are a very reliable system. All major crank and component manufacturers have a crank that will fit straight out of the box and without the need for adapters.

The English threaded bottom bracket is the perfect, solid and reliable option’


Keeping everything in line with a powerful rider smashing away at the cranks, whilst maintaining comfort is quite a tricky conundrum – the Flair Square seat tube is our solution.

Designed to reduce sideways deflection, the shape allows us to use a smaller, 27.2 seatpost whilst maintaining the power transfer sensations associated with large diameter seat-tubes. It’s also quite a bit lighter than a thicker walled round tube


Through axles and disc brakes go together like Belgians and cross winds.The solid fixture helps keep the rotor and caliper aligned by reducing twisting in both the frame and the fork. The Pilgrims Disc comes with both QR and bolt through axles in the box, so you have a choice of fast, tool free access, or clean, secure fitting requiring a standard 6mm Allen key for removal

Flat Mount brake caliper mounts are used throughout with adapters to run flat mount calipers on 140 or160mm rotors are included.


Wrapping your wheels with well-fixed guards is the secret to staying both warm and dry, maximising the enjoyment year-round. They’re an essential part of year-round riding for riders with similar seasonality and weather to the UK.

The Pilgrims Disc uses permanent, threaded fixings for all mounting points on the forks, crown, dropout and seat-stay bridge. A mounting hole on the chain-stay bridge allows for a variety of final fix solutions depending on the mudguard brand.


Bowman aluminium frames come supplied with a stainless steel cartridge bearing headset. High spec, CNC Machined surfaces finished to high spec during final manufacturing processes, ensuring they are parallel, and perpendicular to the frames centreline.

With an integrated headsets simplicity of assembly, a major headache is removed for any home build thanks to the lack of specialist tools required – giving great performance from the box.


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