Passoni is a niche luxury specialist Italian bicycle manufacturer. Formed 24 years ago by Luciano Passoni, a man with a dream to build the best, most luxurious and exclusive bikes in the world. He wanted to combine his passion of cycling with a never ending pursuit of excellence in both technology and design. His expression, meaning, strength, and tradition holds strong today, defining what is a unique 'Passoni' style.

More than two decades of success have made Passoni the most appreciated producers of Italian frames in the world. Passoni’s frames are unique, a combination of quintessential Italian styling and technology that stands alone.

An investment in new manufacturing techniques and a dedication to a customized, personal approach, enable Passoni to personally tailor each machine to meet all the customisation needs of people searching for exclusiveness. A very small number of products are handcrafted individually each year for highly discerning customers and distributed exclusively around the world.

PASSONI CFT Custom Frame Set

Our triple-butted drawn titanium tubes are made in conformity with our instructions and it allow us to choose the most suitable diameters, sections, lengths and reinforcements to build your frame.

So we can make a more rigid, lighter and more comfortable, or just an aesthetically more harmonious frame to meet what drives your needs.

We have an important tube range for carbon frames, with different forms, thicknesses, sections and fibre density to product and offer you the frame of your dreams.

Making Passoni