Machined from an ingot of Ti-6AL-4V titanium alloy

Uses special P5 Grade ceramic bearing by NTN Corp


Road Racing

Gokiso Wheel


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  • The wheels were also much stiffer when transmitting power and I felt that they were the best during fast rides and sprints. It is no wonder that the Japanese prefer to race on Gokiso wheels as they are stiff, powerful and fast.
    Terence Kee


GOKISO is advancing with innovative ideas and the original concept

We are proud to introduce our true value of GOKISO brand.

GOKISO is a bicycle component brand introduced by Kondo Machine Corporation. Kondo Machine Corporation is an ultra precision machine manufacturer specialized in ultra precision metal cutting. The company is also recognized as a leading bearing manufacturer for jet engines.

In fact, GOKISO is not just another bicycle component brand.

It is a new brand launched in January, 2010. Instead of becoming a trend follower of the cycling market, we devote ourselves to our products, with an engineer's pride and passion, challenging the market with our original concept for the GOKISO brand. It is our mission to introduce the "true value" to the bicycle market through GOKISO. The original engineering expertise and the most advanced machining technologies are now transformed into the GOKISO brand.

The brand name, GOKISO, comes from a local shrine called GOKISO HACHIMAN Shrine in the Gokiso area of Nagoya, Aichi, Japan. This district is also the birthplace of the president and the executive director of Kondo Machine Corporation. Thus, GOKISO is a symbol of craftsmanship and is also our heart and soul.

This is what "GOKISO" is named after. GOKISO is our hope, endeavor and a new approach in offering our local products to the world.

Kondo Machine Corporation engages in aerospace parts manufacturing. The organization is certified for JISQ9100; the aerospace quality standard. This means that GOKISO products are machine processed under the high quality requirements comparable to those applied to the aerospace part manufacturing.

Our absolute and accurate quality control is applied to every single piece of our products. Every product lives up to uncompromising standards in design, production and quality control. Our product makes you realize what the true value of craftsmanship is. This is our philosophy and this is the philosophy of the GOKISO brand. 

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GD2 Series:


GD2 rim Speed/Power graph


GOKISO engineers' passion, inspiration and technologies are all compacted in GOKISO Hub. We present our inventive technology for the first time to demonstrate our Innovative structure.
Excellent Rotation Performance: Only 0.5g force is needed to push  the wheels forward.
You will be impressed to see the wheels keep rotating "forever" with the least input. The hub structure, the materials and the configuration are the features original to GOKISO that our engineer sought every possibility in a bicycle hub from zero. The best rotation performance which can handle 100kg of load and 300km/h; this is what we have achieved and this is our commitment for the absolute rotation smoothness. In addition, GOKISO's shock-absorbing mechanism gives such a light and smooth ride as you would be flying in the air.

Here we present our new "Climber" hub, the fruit of Inspiration and Ingenuity of our passionate engineers.



GOKISO engineers' passion, inspiration and technologies are compacted in GOKISO hub. We present our inventive technology for the first time to demonstrate our Innovative structure.



Gokiso Rotational
Performance Test

Gokiso 300kph and 100,000km
Durability Test

Gokiso GD2 rim machining