Premium Australian leather

DiPell bar tape uses sports-tanned leather, designed for high durability, grip and comfort. The inherent fibre structure of this natural product combined with our in-house tanning technique allows DiPell handle bar tapes to be highly resistant to forms of abrasion expected in the world of competitive sports.

DiPell leathers also use sports-specific dyestuffs at a controlled pH, preventing the colour from running or fading. We use a dyed through leather, which means the colour penetrates all the way through the skin as opposed to commonly used surface painted leather. Combined with leather’s naturally breathable structure, DiPell products will disperse sweatband water while maintaining superior grip and leaving your hands feeling dry.

Using our in-house dual tapering system, our handlebar tapes interlock while wrapping. This means once wrapped, DiPell leather tape will not move or lift its edges even under intense use. Made from selected hides with no joins so bar tapes are single-piece and completely seamless!

The end result is a high-quality, durable handle bar tape that comes at a weight only slightly heavier than conventional synthetic bar tapes.

Key Features:

  • Sports-tanned leather, specifically developed for the rigours of serious competition, dispersing sweat and water while maintaining grip.
  • Our leather tape wears in; where as synthetic tape wears out, so our leather improves with time.
  • Lightened leather bar tape for competition, so you get all the benefits of leather without paying a penalty in added weight to your bike.
  • Made from selected hides with no joins so bar tapes are single-piece and completely seamless!
  • An interlocking taper system means that once wrapped, DiPell leather tape has no raised edges.
  • Has enough natural stretch and flexibility to easily wrap and pull tightly around curves.