• Water Bottle Cage Bolts - 2 Nm
  • Stem (to handlebar/basebar) - 8 to 12 Nm for aluminum handlebars
  • Stem (to fork steerer tube) - 4 to 5 Nm
  • Bottom Bracket Cable Guide - 1 Nm
  • Brake / Shift Levers - 5 to 8 Nm
  • Brake Calipers - 8 to 10 Nm
  • Rear Derailleur Hanger Bolts - 1 Nm
  • Stem Top Cap - Apply only enough torque to remove all headset play while ensuring it rotates freely. 1 to 2 Nm is recommended.
  • Aerobar extensions (to basebar) - Refer to manufacturer's specifications
  • Aerobar extensions (to armrest bolt) - Refer to manufacturer's specifications
  • Saddle (seatpost head bolt):
    • Aero Tri / TT Seatpost (P2, P3, P5, T4) saddle clamp bolt - 12 Nm; Seatpost head to seatpost rail bolt - 6 to 7 Nm
    • Carbon Two Offset Seatpost (S5) saddle clamp bolt - 12 Nm (Note that two Allen keys are required to prevent the bolt from turning while applying the proper torque; this must be verified using a torque wrench. Insufficient torque will cause the saddle to slip, possibly causing premature wear to the clamping mechanism.)
    • Carbon Single Offset seatpost (S2, S3) Saddle Clamp Bolt - 12 Nm
    • Round Road Seatposts (R3, R5, Rca) - Refer to seatpost manufacturer's instructions
  • Seattube Collar:
    • Carbon TT Seattube Collar (P5) - 4 Nm
    • Wedge Type Seattube Collar (S2, S3, S5, S5 VWD, P2, P3) - 8 Nm
    • Non-round Seattube Collar (R3, R5, Rca) - 6 Nm

Note that collar & bolt must be greased; aluminum seatposts greased, carbon seatpost coated in carbon assembly compound.

  • Pedals - 30 to 35 Nm
  • Wheels - Measured torque is not used for quick release wheels. The recommended industry practice is to close the release so that the resistance at the midpoint of the lever's travel from fully open to fully close.

Source: Cervelo manual

Date of post: 28th March 2016