Bike Box Alan

Triathlon Aero Easyfit

No removal of handlebar / TT Bars, Just wheels and pedals*

The Triathlon Aero Easyfit is the latest addition to the Bike box Alan Range. The Easyfit is the biggest Bike box available anywhere, so it should be no surprise that all Triathlon and Road bikes fit, with plenty of space for Wet suits, shoes and Kit.

As you might expect, the Easyfit inherits the same DNA as its Multi-award-winning Bike Box Alan cousin, the Premium.

If you have a Triathlon Bike or the latest generation of Aero road bikes with or without hydraulic disc brakes, generally all you only need to remove is the wheels and pedals! *

So if the TT handlebar or Road handlebar assembly can’t be dismantled. Or if you simply want the absolute minimum of component removal, this is the bike box for you.

Precious handlebar and seat settings can remain. Even hydration systems can generally stay in place. Packing can be achieved in as little as 5 Minutes!

The Easyfit is also designed for regular Road bikes, the larger ENDURO Mountain Bikes, Gravel, and Cyclocross bikes, plus some types of Touring bikes**

* If you are 5 foot 11” (180cm) or less, with a road or Triathlon bike, it’s generally just wheels and pedals off!

*Riders over 5 foot 11” (180cm) with a Road or Triathlon bike, may also have to remove the rear Derailleur or lower the seat post, or a combination of both, 10 to 20 packing time.

*Riders over 6 foot 3” (190cm) using large and extra-large TT bikes may have to reduce the reach of the TT bars

Solid disc: Racing wheels are safely secured in the wheel recess in the base of the bike box, Cassette (cogs) facing the outside of the bike box. The anti-crush pole cannot be used when transporting the rear Disc wheel. However the plastic on our bike cases are double the thickness of our competitors so transporting a Disc wheel in the Easyfit, still gives the maximum protection that can be afforded. We recommend a little extra padding out using with your Kit or ordering an extra layer of foam (£15, at the time of purchase)

Integrated seat post (I.S.P) Bikes: If you are 5 foot 11” (180cm) or less, your seat can remain in place. Above that, you may have to remove the seat. Extra-large bikes with an I.S.P should contact us, for advice on what extra components may need removing.

Through Axels: These wheels are secured in the wheel recesses on each side of the bike box with cushioned Velcro straps. The axels can remain in the bike frame for safekeeping.

Deep Dish Wheels: All deep dish rims fit in the Easyfit.

Tubeless Road tyres: Fit comfortably into the wheel indents on both sides of the Easyfit bike box. For safety remove 5% of air pressure. This will also avoid you losing liquid puncture sealant as the tire seal will remain intact.

Features of the Triathlon Aero Easyfit bike box:

  • Approx 13 kg
  • Dimensions: approx. L 133cm x H 94cm x W50cm
  • 7 Years Warranty
  • 1 x Anti crush pole (stays in place if TSA Security open the bike box)
  • Black Clasps
  • Includes 2 layers of foam padding
  • Spacious interior
  • Registered design
  • Cushioned Black Velcro securing straps
  • Only takes a few minutes to pack
  • Custom graphics available
  • Minimal dismantling- Only requires wheels pedals removing, in rare instances Rear mech (1 Allen key bolt)*
  • Designed to accommodate the latest generation of High-end Triathlon, TT, Aero bikes, large frames, 29er MTB, 26B plus-sized Mountain bikes, Tri bars and bikes with fully integrated cabling
  • Tubeless Road and MTB tyres can remain inflated
  • Also suits Regular Road and Triathlon Bikes

* Some Large/ X Large frames may need some minor component removal. Some types of pedals may need one or both removing.

** Some Touring Bikes may fit (providing that mudguards and luggage racks are removed) and the bike is of standard road bike configuration, with 27 inch wheels